In the first half of the year, European Union RApex unqualified masks / protective clothing were announced! The reason for disqualification is

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Since the outbreak of the new crown, the European Union RApex has issued a series of non-conforming notices of personal protective equipment, mainly including protective masks and protective clothing. From January 1 to June 17, 2020, 43 cases of protective masks and 3 cases of protective clothing were announced.

The standards for testing are as follows:

EN 149 respiratory protective devices - filtering half masks to prevent particles from entering - requirements, testing and marking

Be en 14126 protective clothing - Performance requirements and test methods of anti infective protective clothing

BS EN 14605 liquid chemical protective clothing - Performance requirements for protective clothing with liquid seal (type 3) or spray seal (type 4), including items that provide protection only to the body part (PB[3] and PB[4]).